Guitar Tricks has been around for over 10 years and is the internets oldest Internet Guitar Lesson website. If you have been trying or thinking about learning the guitar then Guitar Tricks is the site for you. Guitar Tricks has been there seen it and is still doing it. So what does Guitar Tricks offer and how will help you?

As a guitarist and guitar tutor myself I have subscribed to this site and reviewed my findings here. I personally believe that online guitar lessons are a far better way to learn than with a provate tutor offering you more flexibility with your time and at a far more reasonable cost. With Guitar Tricks, you have everything covered - take it from someone who teaches, loves the guitar, plays the guitar and is still learning the guitar after 17 years!

Guitar Tricks Boast

The Guitar Tricks website comes with many benefits, this website offers more than a private guitar tutor could ever dream of, some of the features include:

  • Over 800,000 Guitarists visit every month 
  • An amazing Guitar Tricks toolbox including a metronome, guitar tuner, chord finder, jamstation
  • Community Forum
  • In depth courses that take you through the fundamentals of playing the guitar
  • Over 45 instructors from around the world
  • Instant access to core lessons for FREE!!

Price Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of learning the guitar online is that it saves you so much money. Let me give you an example; A decent guitar tutor worth their salt will charge approximately $25 per hour. Alternatively you can subscribe for less than $15 a month and have a months worth of internet guitar lessons at Guitar Tricks - THATS A SAVING OF $85 A MONTH!!! Over the course of a year this will save you enough money to buy a guitar, or an amplifier or an effects pedal. After a years subscription the savings would have more than paid for the guitar lessons.

The Positives

  • Guitar Tricks continually adds new lessons. A lot of providers are happy to leave their site as is and increase their memebership but Guitar Tricks are constantly inplroving and adding to their lessons. They are constantly improving 
  • Guitar Tricks offer more styles of music than any other provider that I have seen or experienced
  • A very user friendly site
  • The lessons can be directly downloaded to your pc to view at you leisure
  • Over 45 professional guitar tutors - and you have access to all of them. Each tutor is a specialist in a different style of the guitar.
  • Full Trial or Monthly membership with no opt in
  • Pay for a monthly membership or yearly. If you are still undecided take the free guitar lesson course
  • Subscription Fees are taken monthly, if one month you don't want to pay or you can't afford it - then stop and continue the following month!
  • Very well constructed lessons with the complete novice in mind
  • Lessons to suit a complete beginner right through to an advanced guitarist
  • I have personally been playing the guitar for 17 years, and I use this site and I am learning a lot from it!

Guitar Tricks Toolbox

Guitar Tricks provide a great array of tools with their toolbox such as a Guitar Chord Finder which can replace any chord book - for free! They provide a guitar tuner, a metronome to keep you in tune when playing along to your favourite songs.

Nearly all of the Guitar Tricks Toolbox has been created by Guitar Tricks at the request of its subscribers. Anything within this toolbox is here because it users feel that it is needed, or they need it to aid their development. You will want for nothing with this toolbox 


Guitar Tricks is superb online guitar learning package – that really is the best way to describe it. It not only suits the absolute beginner but also the intermediate player who would just like to improve their skills. The biggest benefit initially is that it offers you free membership and free trial lessons so I would definately suggest trying this if you are unsure about their format or whether to join. Their Full Subscription is only $14.95 (at the time of writing) per month. Taking this option gives you over 45 tutors, over 3000 videos and so much more - which alone is definately worth the money. Using these videos will teach you techniques, exercises, chords, strumming the guitar, picking the guitar and so many different genres and styles of music. You really can’t go wring with Guitar Tricks - I give it top marks! The biggest benefit is that you can stop your subscription when you like if you dont like it.

Take Your Trial Now

To see whether Guitar Tricks is the site for you take you trial with them now. I hope you enjoy working and learning with GUITAR TRICKS.